1.About Liranow.net

"Liranow.net" is a financial platform, developed and designed by "Momentum Solutions Co.". Seeing how unsatisfying the platforms that show LBP rates look like, we decided to step up and provide a better experience Visually and Functionally.

Liranow.net is an online finance directory focused on Lebanese Lira that helps people find services, products, by providing a list of the most relevant services. It is a directory that is built on a network of reputable companies that are willing to provide the best services.

2. What we do

We stand next to Lebanon in its financial crisis, by providing up-to-date rate changes of Lebanese Lira against other currencies.

3. Why us

Liranow.net is a financial platform built, operated and backed up by Momentum Solutions Co. with a lot of experience in MaaS (Multi-Screen as a Service), we promise to deliver you the best Quality.

4. Word from our Chairman

"I've instantly fallen in love with Lebanon, A Great Country with the most diverse, exciting and inspirational people.

Lira Now platform is built for Lebanon only, our aim is to be able to provide you with all your financial needs, services and benefits."

Tamer Ishak